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Infrastructure for building AI search into your applications

Trieve: Production-ready. Use Trieve to show users what they're looking for every time.

Trieve Team Doing a Podcast
Source Available: Find us on Github at devflowinc/trieve and follow the project.


What you get with Trieve

Everything you could expect from modern AI infrastructure for search and RAG

Private Managed Embedding models

Bring your own embedding model or use one of our available open source hosted defaults.

SPLADE full-text neural search

BM25 is great, but SPLADE is better. SPLADE is a state-of-the-art retrieval model for full-text search.

Semantic Vector Search

Sometimes you need more than just full-text search. Trieve supports semantic vector search out of the box.

Hybrid Search

Get the best of both worlds. Trieve supports hybrid search, combining full-text search and semantic vector search with cross-encoder re-ranker models.

Merchandising Relevance tuning

Boost search results based on sales or popularity to show users what you know works.

Date Recency Biasing

Relevance tuning is not just about the query. Trieve supports date recency biasing to ensure the most recent results are shown first.

Build What Matters Most

Trieve handles search and RAG so you can focus on building your unique features

Built on the best foundations

Gain a competitive advantage by incorporating AI powered search and RAG

Private Open Source Models

When requested we use open source embedding models and LLMs ran in our own servers, so data is never leaked.

Batteries Included

Our API surface is large, the features are many, and the documentation is thorough. We've got you covered.

Host Yourself

Sensitive data? Don't worry about vendor agreements, host yourself with terraform templates and no external dependencies.

Get an industry leading search UX setup in hours.

Step 1: Add Existing Data

Send your data to the API. Either upload individual chunks or entire documents that get chunked by our algorithms.

Step 2: Integrate our API

Add calls to our API on your create and update routes to keep your data up to date.

Step 3: Search, Recommend, or Generate

Start testing search quality with our management Search UI and then integrate the search or RAG API calls into your product.


Steps to use


Most used features

Provides frequently used endpoints for rounding out the full spectrum of search and RAG features.


Full-text search with an index built by SPLADE and semantic vector search with your choice of embedding model.


Build RAG experiences with our API that returns generated outputs with citations and manages message history.


Recommendations are a great way to keep users engaged. Trieve supports recommendations based on user history and content similarity.

Term Frequency Boosting

Boost the presence of certain terms in your search index. Great for when you want to highlight a flagship product for a brand.

Sub-sentence Highlighting

Search results can be paragraphs long. Trieve supports sub-sentence highlighting to show users exactly what they are looking for.

Recency Biasing

Relevance tuning is not just about the query. Trieve supports date recency biasing.

The Best Search API

Use Trieve to show users what they're looking for every time.